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Bringing Order to Chaos

"Bringing Order to Chaos" captures the benefits offered by StaffConnections, LLC to our clients.  Whether it is through our project management solutions, planning, facilitation, government relations or stakeholder engagement services we help our clients filter out the distractions and focus on what is important in meeting their needs and making them successful.


Below are brief descriptions of projects representative of the services provided by StaffConnections, LLC.  In some cases we were the only consultant working with the client.  In other cases, we were a leader or member of a team of experts specifically chosen to the meet the needs of our clients. 



Sometimes You Need Help Bringing Order to Your World

Today's world is chaotic enough without including unreasonable deadlines, conflicting or nonexistent stakeholder input and confusing project requirements.  When you add these to today's "do more with less" operating environment, sometimes you need help and that's when hiring StaffConnections, LLC makes sense.
Project Management



St. Johns River Water Management District, District Draft Water Supply Plan Project Team


StaffConnections, LLC provided project management services in preparation of the Draft Water Supply Plan. The Plan is a regional water supply plan covering 16 counties and over 6 million people.  The team consisted of technical staff and consultants from two water management districts.  StaffConnections, LLC facilitated weekly teleconference team meetings with staff and consultants in setting project goals and requirements, prepared project status reports, established task requirements and deadlines and compiled draft documents into the complete draft Plan.




Village of Wellington, Florida, Neighborhood Action Plan.  Working closely with the Village


StaffConnections, LLC was retained by the Village to develop a complete facilitation project addressing the needs of the residents in a specific neighborhood. Services provided included: 

  • Conducting a needs assessment

  • Designing a half-day workshop to include neighborhood stakeholders, Village staff and law enforcement specifically addressing the concerns identified in the needs assessment

  • Facilitation of the workshop resulting in identification of follow up actions for residents, staff and law enforcement

  • Preparing a final report summarizing the facilitation process and results.




Local and Regional Plans 


Terry A. Clark, AICP, PMP, Owner and Lead Consultant with StaffConnections, LLC, has managed preparation of numerous local government comprehensive plans including St. Lucie County (Florida) Comprehensive Plan; City of Port St. Lucie (Florida) Comprehensive Plan; City of Royal Palm Beach (Florida) Comprehensive Plan; City of Pahokee (Florida) Comprehensive Plan and zoning ordinance; City of Palm Beach Gardens (Florida) Comprehensive Plan; Collier County (Florida) Comprehensive Plan.


In addition, Terry managed preparation of the first draft of the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council, Comprehensive Regional Policy Plan and was a key team member on the Southeast Florida’s Regional Vision and Blueprint (RVB) for Economic Prosperity ( led by Dover, Kohl & Partners.

Other Projects


  • City of Port St. Lucie, Florida Project Management Training and Consulting.  Mr. Clark worked closely with the City Manager's Office to design and deliver a Citycentric curriculum of project management training for their management team, project leaders, staff and the Police Department.

  • Central Florida Coordination Area (CFCA) Planning Group. Mr. Clark facilitated three public stakeholder meetings of the CFCA Planning Group consisting of representatives of three water management districts in central Florida.  The purpose of the meetings was to gather stakeholder input in the development of a coordinated water supply initiative between the three water management districts and included participation by over 50 utility representatives and other stakeholders.

  • South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD), Lower East Coast Water Supply Plan Update – 2012 Draft Public Engagement Process Plan.  Mr. Clark prepared the document to meet public engagement requirements for preparation and approval of the plan.

  • World Trade Center Site Redesign Public Engagement Meeting. Mr. Clark was one of 500 volunteer facilitators selected internationally to facilitate small groups at the July 20, 2002 Listening to the City event sponsored by AmericaSpeaks and the Civic Alliance to Rebuild Downtown New York.  The event was attended by over 4,600 residents and business owners in New York City to provide feedback on design options for the World Trade Center site following the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.

  • Northwest Area (International Watershed) Water Supply (NAWS) Project Support Studies and Supplemental EIS, North Dakota. Mr. Clark managed preparation of the water demand projections, water supply source assessments and development of alternatives for the NAWS project in North Dakota and Canada.

  • SFWMD, C-139 Basin Landowners Permit Meeting.  SFWMD was in the process of designing new water quality permitting conditions for the farming landowners in the C-139 basin in southwest Florida.  Mr. Clark to designed and facilitated a meeting with landowners to review the draft permit conditions and determine how the permit conditions could be improved. 

  • Putnam County Water Supply Plan. Mr. Clark facilitated ten meetings of the Putnam County Water Supply Plan Cooperators.  The Cooperators consisted of public water suppliers in Putnam County, Florida.  The purpose of the meetings was to review technical documents, gather specific recommendations and revisions and to receive public input in the development of the Putnam County, Florida Water Supply Plan. 



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